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Hunter and Firearms Education serving Calgary, AB and surrounding areas

Empowering Your Learning Journey with Giulia Stoddard

My name is Giulia Stoddard and I am a certified Canadian Firearms Instructor and an Alberta Hunter's Education Instructor since 2006. I specialize in the conservation and education aspect of hunting in Alberta. My passion for hunting has been passed down to me from my family and has been shared with my husband and our daughters. My desire to learn excelled me into wanting to teach and share my knowledge about my outdoor enthusiasm with others. I hunt with a rifle as well as a bow and love to inspire people of all ages to try and hunt with both. Because of this passion, I have furthered my knowledge and expertise in becoming a certified Canadian Firearms Instructor, teaching others both the non restricted and restricted courses. 


Upcoming Courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old do you need to be to take the courses?
    ALBERTA HUNTER’S EDUCATION COURSE: (AHEC) -10 Years old (Please note, 10+ years old are eligible to hunt bird game. 12+ years old are eligible to hunt bird and big game) CANADIAN NON-RESTRICTED FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE: (CFSC) - 18+ years old CANADIAN RESTRICTED FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE: (CRFSC) -18+ years old and have to had successfully passed the CFSC CANADIAN NON-RESTRICTED MINOR’s FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE: -Ages 12-17 years old and have parental/guardian written consent
  • What does the course include?
    AHEC: -Full instruction on hunting and conservation in Alberta -Manual and study guide -Exam for license -If successfully passed, a certificate and a personalized registration number CFSC and CRFSC: -Full hands on safety instruction of non restricted/restricted firearms and ammunition -Manual and study guide -Written and Practical exams -Paperwork required to file for a PAL
  • Do we bring our own firearms to use for the course?
    NO! The instructor will provide all firearms and ammunition for the course. NEVER bring firearms or live ammunition to any course. If you are caught, it will result in the RCMP being notified.
  • Are dates, times and location flexible?
    If you would like to host a private course, email us at for details. Please include which course you are interested in and your location.
  • Do you host courses for homeschoolers?
    Yes! For homeschoolers, we accommodate different group sizes, times and locations within southern/central Alberta. Please send an email to to discuss details and pricing.
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